About the Artist

About_MeWell, where do I start?  I have been passionate about photography and art as far back as I can remember.  I love the beauty I see in God’s creation – from the innocence and hope of a newborn infant to nature’s awesome beauty and everything in between…it regularly leaves me in awe of my Creator’s handiwork.  Those who know me well will tell you that I am and have always been an artist at my very core.

I have always been passionate about preserving family memories…I covet any old portraits of the generations that came before me – this is where I come from and why I am who I am.  After having my children, it has become so much more important to me to preserve my family’s memories through images that forever capture these precious moments in time.

Many years ago, when my paternal grandmother passed away, I had the job of sifting through boxes and boxes of old papers, letters, and mail.  In one of the boxes, I found all the portraits that I had been sending her over the years since my children’s births.  As I sat there and studied the faces of my children as babies and toddlers, I was completely amazed at how much they had changed in just a few short years.  I had forgotten how my son used to suck his two middle fingers as a 10-month-old or how my daughter’s little pink lips were framed by such rosy cheeks and deep blue eyes in her sweet toddler years…those precious details had faded from my memory with the “busy-ness” of life.  But, oh, how these carefully tucked-away portraits brought it all back, flooding my heart with bittersweet memories that only a mother can fully understand.

So this is my promise…to create artistic images of your newborn baby that take your breath away…images that when you view them on the walls of your home, immediately take you back to that precise moment in time when you first held them in your arms and marveled at how they could have “fit” in such a small place for so many months…images that melt your heart over and over again.  I promise to create portraits of your baby that capture those treasured expressions you want to remember forever…images that capture the essence and spirit of your growing baby.

Thank you for choosing Dandelion Wishes® Photography.  I look forward to creating artful portraits of your newborn or baby that you can proudly display in your home today, knowing they will be cherished heirlooms by future generations. 

Imagine…your baby as { art }™

Dawn ♥