Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer maternity or pregnancy photo sessions?
A. Yes, we do! We currently offer a maternity session as a part of our combined Bump & Baby Collection. This means that we only offer you a maternity session when you are also scheduling your newborn session with us at the same time.  However, we are working on creating a mini-maternity session for those that do not wish to schedule a newborn session.  If this is more of what you are looking for, please submit your request thru the contact page for more information.  Please note that all maternity sessions must take place during 28-34 weeks gestation.

Q. You strongly suggest that newborn sessions should take place when my baby is between 7-14 days old, why so early?
A. In the two weeks following your baby’s birth, he/she will do a LOT of sleeping and in particular, deep sleeping. In addition, after two weeks of age, newborn babies start to ‘stretch out’ and not ‘tuck’ into those ‘womb-like’ positions as easily, if at all. For these two reasons, it is of utmost importance that we capture your baby during his/her first two weeks of life. Can we get ‘newborn’ images with babies that are closer to 3 weeks old?  Yes, absolutely…BUT, they will have a slightly different ‘look’ to that of a baby that is between 7-14 days and there are a few poses that are not able to be done at that age.

Q. My baby is 6 weeks old. Isn’t she still a newborn?
A. Yes, she is still a newborn baby to you and your family! However, when it comes to newborn portrait art, she is past the true newborn age that is reflected in the portraits you see in Dandelion Wishes® Galleries ‘New Ones I’ and ‘New Ones II’.  The majority of the babies in those two galleries are under 15 days old.

Q. My baby is 3 months old.  Do you have a session for this age or do you have a baby plan?
A. No, we do not.  Our sessions are limited to our newborn collections (defined as under 2 weeks old, a bit older for twins or multiples) and to our Milestones Collection (defined as babies aged 6 – 8 months old, preferably sitting well).  Because we specialize in newborns, our schedule needs to be extremely flexible in order to accommodate our little newbies when they decide to arrive.  This dictates that we limit the number of Milestones sessions each month.  And, because they are limited, they book up well in advance so contacting us at least 2-3 months in advance is strongly suggested.

Q. There is a specific pose that I want to have you pose my baby in…can you guarantee that you can accomplish it?
A. Please know that our goal is creating beautiful artwork that absolutely captures the essence of your newborn baby, however, your baby’s safety and comfort come before any artistic vision that you or we might have. This alone is paramount at our studio. We will attempt any pose that is safe and does not cause your baby any discomfort. If, at any time, the photographer feels your baby is uncomfortable or would be unsafe, she reserves the right to decline any requested pose.

Q. I see poses on your website that look like the baby is unsafe, like the baby on a tree log or on a stack of towels. After reading the above, I am wondering, why?
A. Please know that many, many of the images on our website are actually composite images, meaning that they are a single image that started out as several images. This highly specialized ‘post session’ technique is done to ensure the safety of your baby and at the same time allow the creative vision of the artist to be realized. Even if an image of a baby is not a composite – such as baby resting in a basket or on a basket’s edge – please know that we practice newborn safety and your baby will have our assistant within inches of him/her at all times.

Q. Will I need to help at my newborn’s portrait art session?
A. Yes, but only to feed your baby! We want you to be able relax and enjoy the entire experience from the comfort of a down-filled cushy chair where you can easily see and hear every aspect of your baby’s session. Once you arrive and have fed your baby, just sit back and let us do the rest. We love participating in getting your sweet baby off to dreamland with our proven, baby-soothing techniques.

Q. Do I need to bring my own props, hats, etc?
A. No, not at all! Of course you are welcome to bring any special items that you would like for us to try and use but we have a large selection of unique props and one-of-a-kind hats, bows, etc.

Q. How long does it take to get my portraits after my session?
A. Typically you will return to the studio 2 weeks after your newborn/baby session for the presentation of your finished portrait art images. This is what we call your ‘investment session’. At this time you will make all your selections and payment in full will be due. Following your investment session, your images will be prepared for ordering and any custom items such as your baby’s birth announcements and storyboards will be sent for you to proof via direct email. After final approval on any custom work, you should expect us to receive your entire portrait art order here at the studio within 2-3 weeks. Our client care coordinator will be in touch prior to it’s arrival in order to set up a time for you to pick up your artwork – this is an exciting appointment!!

Q. Who owns the rights to my pictures?
A. The photographer. A photograph is an artistic vision that is brought to reality through the talent and ability of your photographer. Professional photographers are hired for their vision, creativity, techniques, experience and the way they specifically capture their subjects. Your photographer owns all rights to the image(s) they create. Photographs, like art pieces, are protected by federal copyright laws. Any prints that you wish to have from your portrait session must be purchased through your photographer.

Q. Why is my baby not centered in the picture?
A. While it seems like the best place for a subject in a photograph would be the center, this is not always entirely true. Artists spend many years perfecting their individual style and develop a talent for knowing where to place the subject in the image for the most pleasing and artistically created placement. Many photographers use the ‘Rule of Thirds’ as they crop their images. If you look for it, you will find this “rule” in many places, from magazines to TV shows. Once you start to notice it, you will see it everywhere!

Q. Why is part of my baby’s head chopped off in the picture?
A. This answer is very similar to the question above. Depending on the placement of the subject in the image, it is not always best to include the whole head if it makes the image have less impact. Many times in close-up portraits, a good crop will focus attention on the eyes. If you will notice in many magazines, subjects are not centered and heads are chopped off…amazingly, once you start looking for these artistic crops – just like the ‘Rule of Thirds’ – you’ll see them everywhere!

Q. Will my professional photographer retouch my pictures?
A.  This is a good question to ask any portrait photographer before booking a session, especially if you are looking for extensive retouching.  The answer is; yes and no.  Many photographers will only do a minimal amount of retouching and subscribe to the “less is more” philosophy.  Some professional photographers will do more extensive retouching for a fee.  At Dandelion Wishes®, you will only be presented with fully enhanced portraits that bring out the beauty of your session – whether maternity, newborn or baby.  This is what our studio is known for – images that are perfection.  In addition, you might also ask your photographer if he or she is equipped with the latest technology in digital photography.  If he/she are a true professional, they will have invested a lot into the many “tools of the trade” in order to bring you the very best in their industry.

Q. How much can I expect to pay for custom digital photography?
A. As a general rule, most families plan to invest between $900 and $4500. This would include; fine art wall portraits for home or office, one-of-a-kind portrait books, luxurious leather albums and gift portraits.

Q. I really don’t want a bunch of pictures or art for my wall, do you offer digital packages?
A. This is a very important question! At Dandelion Wishes® you will find our mission very different from the vast majority of other photographers in the area. We have a very strong focus on creating beautiful & artistic portraits that can be displayed in your home and not simply burned to a CD. I have heard from countless parents of toddlers who have lamented to me that all they got with their first baby was a CD of images and “they always meant” to get some printed. How sad that their baby has only lived on a hard drive! What better masterpiece to adorn your walls than the beauty of your precious baby? So, if digital files are very important to you, then our studio is more than likely not going to be the right “fit” for your portrait art needs.

Q. I have family and friends that don’t live in the area…how can I share my baby’s portraits with them?
A. We completely understand that in this day and age, many of you have family not only living all across the United States, but across the globe! Please remember that we always sneak peek 1-2 portraits on the blog within a week of your session. Then, after your investment session, we are happy to post a slide-show to include all the portraits you selected to purchase. Examples of these slide-shows can be seen throughout the blog…this is a super way to share all your favorite images with your friends and family that don’t live close to you. In addition, we will post the link to our Facebook page and you can share it on your own page as well.

Q. How far in advance should I book my session?
A. This varies from photographer to photographer and studio to studio.  At Dandelion Wishes® it is strongly suggested to schedule your session at least 1-3 months in advance and even more so if you are due in or around the Holiday season.

“Questions & Answers” contributed by Dawn Miller, Artist & Photographer at Dandelion Wishes® Photography, LLC. and in part, by Tammy Cobb, Look At Me Photography.

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